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You probably have a marketing issue your business is dealing with right now. This isn’t the first, and it won’t be your last.
With Andre Vatke, you’ll never second guess your marketing options again. You’ll have a marketing expert who’s got your back—today, tomorrow, and every day.

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It's like having an expert on staff

Putting a real marketing pro on staff can easily cost six figures. That’s just not an option for many small businesses and startups. Through my retainer program you can connect with me for any marketing or business issues by text, email or even by phone. I work with a very limited number of clients and I always work in your best interests.

Not a one size fits all book or video course... a real marketing pro you can call or text anytime.

My clients use their retainer for help with...

Business Objectives and Strategies

Analyse your business objectives, refine them based on capabilities and develop a strategy to accomplish them.
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Action Plans on Business Goals

Learn how to take a holistic approach to accomplishing your business goals that includes everything from production to marketing.
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Budgeting and Forcasting

Create realistic budgets and learn how to forecast the growth of your business based on data not wishful thinking.
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Challenging Competitors

Learn how to position yourself in a competitive environment. Learn your strengths and  weaknesses and how to use them for success. 
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Analyzing Trends and Customer Behavior

It's not always the innovators who win. Learn how to stay on top of trends and understand how they fit into your objectives.
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Compliance With Regulations

Regulations differ from state to state and country to country. Understanding them and their effect is vital for your overall strategy.
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Data Security Threats

To maintain the trust of your customers it important to demonstrate that you take data security and privacy seriously.
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Optimizing Ongoing Marketing

Marketing is never a 'set once and forget' activity. Good marketing evolves over time based on results and trends.
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Changes In Technology

Get expert advice on what hardware and software services are and aren't worth it for your business without worrying about getting sold.
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Social Media Engagement

From posts that connect with followers to responding to critical reviews. An outside expert can bring remarkable clarity to social media.
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Search Marketing Optimization

Long term SEO success should always focus on optimizing for the user and not just the search engine or technical implementations. 
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Lead Generation Optimization

There's no one size fits all when it comes to lead generation. With over 12 million leads generated you'll get advice from a true expert.
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Get Help Anytime You Need It... 

$149 per month gets you full access to my retainer program and guarantees you have access to a marketing pro every day of the month. Pay for additional time only when you need it but have security and marketing peace of mind all the time.

There's no long-term commitment - while most of my clients find their retainer program extremely valuable year after year, there’s no long-term obligation to be in the program. If you don’t find it to be worth much more than you pay, cancel anytime.

How It Works

Thanks to technology, you can access new knowledge, skill and an expert perspective no matter where your business is physically located. Here's how you connect with me...

Text Messages

Have quick question, just shoot me a text message. 95% of replies are within two hours on business days.


Have an ad or web page you would like reviewed? Send an email and get a response within hours.


Need to talk to someone one-on-one? Schedule a phone or videoconference to review and discuss your project or questions.
Get more time any time you need. Retainer clients get preferred status on any projects or additional services.

Ready for a complimentary consultation?

As an entrepreneur you know your business... maybe even too well. 
That's why having an outside expert is a vital part of helping to maximize your own effectiveness.

Let’s sit down and talk about how I can help you make your business more competitive and profitable.
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